Servers dedicated and virtual with Real Cloud technology

  • „¢. Based on the family of processors Intel Xeon
  • „¢. Insurances, flexible, escalables and with guaranteed resources.
  • Backups of courtesy
  • Continuous support 24x7
Platform Linux or Windows

S. 70 x   month
Virtual and dedicated servers


  • Domains
  • Local domains €œ. EP€ or global, we counted on the extensions with greater demand. It registers a domain to assure the identity his company in Internet.
  • Direct registry
  • Continuous support 24x7
Management DNS
Monitoring and Alert

S. 40
Virtual and dedicated servers
x   year

Domains Web

Web Hosting

  • Web Hosting
  • Plans of lodging Web based on CloudLinux
  • „¢and Windows Server 2012
  • „¢. With local support, resources assured and qualified in minutes.
99,9% Uptime
Backups Daily

Continuous support 24x7
Linux & Windows from
Accounts of hosting conventional


Solutions for companies

S. 100

x   year

Solutions for people



vps hosting

Solutions for companies

Independent or complementary Hosting solutions to the existing infrastructure in its company. From mail-and for companies and lodging Web of high availability, to licenses of software like MySQL, php, etc. and the immediate unfolding of cheap vps web hosting and virtual servers cloud or dedicated hardware to support to discharges service loads.

Solutions for people

  • Commercial sector 1
  • Commercial sector 2
  • Commercial sector 3
  • Commercial sector 4
  • Organisms 1
  • Organisms 2
  • Sector education 1
  • Sector education 2

Guided, fast and simple solutions to assure in minutes its presence in Internet, without the smaller knowledge in Web servers and systems. It consults by our service of registry of domains, our plans of hosting linux, hosting Windows, radio streaming and mailboxes of professional mail-and.

Solutions to size
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