CloudLinuxCloudLinux is the Linux distribution especially designed for the cloud, its structure generates surroundings of stable and safe lodging, isolating to each client in an independent space, allowing to assign resources dedicated to each of them.


  • It improves the stability and performance of the servant
  • It eliminates the overuse of resources in the servant
  • It assigns to resources at level kernel to each one of the users
  • It includes MySQL Governor to improve the stability of MySQL
  • Installable directly from CentOS and RHEL via Yum
  • Constant and automatic updates of security


  CloudLinux 6.x / 7.xvirtualized & dedicatedS/.50 x month to solicit
  • * the prices do not include taxes.

Garanttías and restrictions

It clears your doubts

We understand that each particular person and company have necesides, ponte in touch with us to solve, among others, your doubts on:

  • Periods of invoicing and validity of the licenses.
  • Type of license adapted according to company, equipment and/or topology of network.
  • Cover in support, guarantees and others.
  • Terminology, modifications and/or changes in your existing licenses.

Contact to us via chat, telephone or mail-and to help you to decide the most suitable license.



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