Registry of Domains

domains Web To register a domain name is the first step to assure its presence and identity its company or marks in Internet. JoomlaWebDesigns has available the extensions of domains with greater demand, or are global or territorial (of Country). You do not stop registering your domain before somebody plus does it by you.

       To look for
  • S. 40.00
  • S. 40.00
  • S. 90.00

Extensions available

Globalx year
.com like,, etcS. 40.00
.netS. 40.00
.orgS. 40.00
.infoS. 40.00
.tienda (*nuevo)S. 180.00
.website (*nuevo)S. 120.00
Territorialx year
(Peru)   .pe/.com .pe/.net .pe/.org .peS. 90.00
(Spain)   .es/.com .es/.net .es/.org .es S. 40.00
(Colombia)   .co/.com .co/.net .co/.org .co S. 90.00
(China)   .cn/.com .cn/.net .cn/.org .cn S. 120.00
(the USA) .usS. 40.00
     + to contract
  • * the prices do not include taxes.

Free with your domain

  • Direct registry

    All registry will be realised to your name, assuring you to the 100% property the acquired domain.

  • Management of DNS

    It manages without intermediaries the registries of your domain from our exclusive Control Panel.

  • Redirections Web

    Also we can redirect the domain using cheap vps server hosting to the website that you indicate to us if therefore you prefer it.

  • File of registries

    Access to your file of payments and registries through our exclusive system of clients.

  • Alert of renovation

    You will not lose your domain because you forgot his date renovation. We will always alert to you before its victory.

Frequent questions

What is and why I need a name domain?

A domain is a name or brand that serves to identify a person, company or organization in Internet. The domains are used in the communications in line, or as direction of a website, for the creation of mail mailboxes ( or for the location of equipment in a network. The domains are unique and they are registered in minimum periods of a year.

I can transfer my existing domain?

If, at any moment during its period of use a domain can be transferred between cash registers. Although the requirements can vary according to the type of domain, always will be validated that the present holder of the domain is the one who authorizes the transference. With respect to the cost, usually this he is equivalent to the one of a year of registry of the domain.

How much take does a domain in registering itself?

When we register a new domain, its registry must be propagated or be disclosed by Internet. The time in which a domain will be active or €˜in line€™ depends on the region in which we are located. In average, the domains will be visible of 3 to 6 hours of their registry for America and up to 24 or 48 hours for the rest of the world.

What difference has in registering global domain versus one territorial one or of country?

The domain names also play an important role in the optimization for web search engines. For example, if somebody is looking for €œflorerías€ in Google, to count on a territorial domain it will help to obtain a better positioning, since Google takes into account the location from the user when presenting its results.



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