Hosting Free - academic Plan

Our contribution to the educative community. A gratuitous but preloaded plan of hosting with the same functionalities found in a commercial plan. This plan this available one for all the students who can credit their property to some school, university or technological institute. We are sure that will be an important academic complement during hours of class, academic presentations and projects.

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  • 500 Megabyte of storage
  • 10 000 Megabyte of monthly transference
  • 10 accounts of mail-and
  • Standards POP3/IMAP/smtp
  • Webmail interface for easy access
  • Filters Anti-virus/Anti-Spam
  • Web server Apache
  • Languages PHP5, Perl and Ruby
  • Data bases MySQL

Control Panel

Control Panel

From where you will have access to the management of all the functionality available in your account. You will be able to create new post office-and, Data bases, accounts FTP, and much more.

Webmail interface

Webmail interface

In order to accede to your mail-and from any PC with a connection to Internet. You will be able to receive and to send post office without needing installing a specialized program.

Gratuitous applications

Gratuitous applications

Lists to be installed. Podras to have calendars, lists of task (Everything) until wikis and tools to publication of blogs as wordpress.



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