Licenses for Servers

Licenses for servers We have the main Operating systems, software of Productivity, Database engines and the Control Panels more used (cPanel

„¢and Plesk

 „¢) in the network. The licenses that we commercialized are available as much for clients with equipment in our network or for new clients looking for to license own equipment.Operative Software and Sistemas €” For servers lodged in our networkVersion 
  Surroundings Price/monthCentOS6.x / 7.x virtualized
  Without Costto see detailUbuntu Server Edition13.x virtualized
  Without Cost contact to usCloudLinux6.x / 7.x virtualized
  S. 50to see detailWindows Server 2012 R2Standard virtualized
  S. 90contact to usWindows Server 2016 STDStandard virtualized
  S. 140contact to usWindows Server 2019 STDStandard virtualized
  S. 140contact to usSQL Server 2017Web Edition virtualized
  • S. 90

contact to us

 * the prices do not include taxes.Operating systems €” For external servers to our networkVersion 
  TypePriceWindows Server 2016Essentials PLO Program
  S. 1890contact to usWindows Server 2016Standard PLO Program
  • S. 3390
  • contact to us

* the prices do not include taxes.

 * perpetual Licenses.Software MicrosoftVersion 
  TypePriceMicrosoft SQL Server 2017Standard License open
  S. 3390contact to usMicrosoft Exchange 2019Standard License open
  S. 2890contact to usMicrosoft Sharepoint 2019Standard License open
  • To consult
  • contact to us

* the prices do not include taxes.

 * perpetual Licenses.Control PanelsVersion 
  TypePrice/monthcPanel & WHM - Linux11.x Virtualized
  S. 40contact to uscPanel & WHM - Linux11.x Dedicated
  S. 120contact to usPlesk Panel - Windows12.x Virtualized
  S. 60contact to usPlesk Panel - Windows12.x Dedicated
  • S. 150

Garanttías and restrictions

contact to us

* the prices do not include taxes.

  • It clears your doubts
  • We understand that each particular person and company have necesides, ponte in touch with us to solve, among others, your doubts on:
  • Periods of invoicing and validity of the licenses.
  • Type of license adapted according to company, equipment and/or topology of network.

Cover in support, guarantees and others.


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