CentosCentOS is a Linux distribution gratuitous, cradle and sponsored by Red Hat Enterprise Linux, from which it derives his enterprise class, characteristic and functionalities. It is directed to people and companies that look for a stable platform without extra charges of certification and support.


  • UNDER ideal for servers dedicated and virtual in Internet
  • Guard binary compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Light and of fast performance thanks to the software balance he bases
  • It is possible to be unloaded in very slight versions (less than 400MEGABYTE)
  • Yum uses to unload and to apply updates of security
  • Service life EOL (updates of security) of 7 years


  CentOS 6.x / 7.xvirtualized & dedicatedWithout cost
  • * the prices do not include taxes.

Garanttías and restrictions

It clears your doubts

We understand that each particular person and company have necesides, ponte in touch with us to solve, among others, your doubts on:

  • Periods of invoicing and validity of the licenses.
  • Type of license adapted according to company, equipment and/or topology of network.
  • Cover in support, guarantees and others.
  • Terminology, modifications and/or changes in your existing licenses.

Contact to us via chat, telephone or mail-and to help you to decide the most suitable license.



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