Cloud storage

Storage FTP/SFTP Our service of cloud storage allows the management of great volumes of information of simple, efficient way and with a structure of costs according to the present needs of its company. The use of mechanisms of encryption of point to point in the transfer and storage assures the privacy and protection the archives and documents critics its organization.


ACLs, safety mechanisms that include firewalls and two level of encryption (in rest and transit of the information)

Joint party individual archives or complete folders safely with colleagues or people other people's to the organization.

Always within reach, its information lives in all devices, PCs and mobiles through the Apps for iOS and Android.

A predictable flat fee and allows to avoid the extra charges associated to the implementation and maintenance of a solution in-House.


Ideal for independent professionals and work groups


Cloud storage

S. 49 / Month

Ideal for companies with high demand of storage

200GB S. 99 / Month
500GB S. 199 / Month
1000GB S. 399 / Month
I need more than 1000GB Contact to us
  • * the prices do not include taxes.

It includes

  • Synchronization in real time of archives and folders
  • Multiple Transports available: FTP, Web, Rsync
  • Graphical interface of administration via Web
  • Movable access with Apps for iOS and Android
  • Coding SSL in data transmission
  • Encryption AES-256 in storage
  • Without limits in the size of file to transfer

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Scenes of Use

Continuous use - File server

Guarantees and restrictions

Continuous and Synchronous use in Real time

Recommended for People, Freelancers and surroundings of Office.

This scene considers the use of archives that are updated constantly (archives MS Excel and Word for example), in this scene the archives are synchronous in real time towards the cloud and later towards all the devices of the client, with the advantage in addition to keeping a copy from file or version in each realised change.

Programmed storage - Backup

Garanttías and restrictions

Programmed backup copies

Recommended to endorse in cloud the data of Systems, great Data bases and volumnes of archives.

The programmed Backup copies assure the protection data and the availability of the information of the systems of the company before corruption of hardware, natural disasters, robbery or other unexpected events. This solution looks for in addition to integrate itself to its infrastructure without interrupting the present job stream.

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