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Hosting Web Our service of corporative mail-and is the ideal option for independent professionals and companies that require customized email addresses. Based on a platform of enterprise level, our service allows to offer accounts of mail-and of until 20GB of space, with collaboration functionalities (Groupware) outposts and all the necessary protection against Spam, malware and virus.

Plans available

We count on two designed plans of mail-and for a scene of predetermined use. Ponte in touch with us if you wish a customized configuration.

 MailboxesSpaceIt includes  

Ideal for professionals
independent and work groups




x mailbox

S. 30 / Year to contract

Ideal for companies with
high demand of storage




x mailbox

· Registry of domain .COM
· Customized URL
· Logo in interface Web

S. 250 / Year

S/.50 by additional mailbox

to contract
  Customized It asks for a customized configuration to contact
  • * the prices do not include taxes.


  • Up to 20 GB by mail-and mailbox
  • Notebook of personal communications
  • Personal calendar of events
  • Compatible with MS Outlook and similars
  • ActiveSync support
  • „¢& POP3/IMAP/SMTP
  • Filters Anti-virus/Anti-Spam
  • Compatible with iPhone & Android
  • Additional access via Webmail

Interface Web Reenviadores and car-answering machines

Access pop3, imap and smtpAn interface Web elegant and easy to use, developed under standards and with the last technologies Web so that it does not interfere in your daily job stream.

MS Outlook support Standards POP3/IMAP/smtp/CalDav/CarDav implemented to be compatible with all the existing applications of mail-and management.

Filters anti-Spam and anti-virusIntegration is transparent via ActiveSync

Compatible with movable devices „¢with MS Outlook and other similar clients of mail that allow the direct management of your mailbox of mail-and from a PC.

intelligent notebook of ContactsFilters antiSpam and protection anti-virus, updated daily to maintain your mailbox of safe mail and free of the messages nonwished that they flood the network.

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